Welcome to
Peace Junction

This website is a meeting point for those willing to work for "sustainable peace
and development" in the world to make it an equitable and better living place
for all.

It is a forum for understanding “others” (religions, cultures, ideologies, communities etc) and promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence. The purpose is to help the “communities at conflict” move from their extreme positions, disengage them from (ongoing and potential) conflict(s) and provide alternative routes leading to a shared future. In a way it is a platform for social dialogue to reduce conflicts, increase the levels of tolerance and create possibilities of collective action. The ultimate objective is to switch from “confrontation to cooperation” to make this world a better place for us and generations to come.

The website is presently under construction.
Please contact Mr. Nabeel Goheer at goheer@goheer.org for any further enquiries.